Cube Cities "Lights-Up" the 3D Buildings in Google Earth with Property Data

Cube Cities is a visualization platform that highlights available space in commercial buildings. Cube Cities services provide the commercial real estate industry with an innovative capability to better understand property information. Our patented visualization technology can convert relational databases and Excel files into revealing urban graphics to effectively communicate building and market conditions.

What We Do

3D Commercial Real Estate Search: Office and retail space marketing tools designed for Google Earth.

Reporting Tools: Use our flexible 3D cities platform to produce visual reporting on office markets that show buildings colourized by data. Explore our microsites Skylines and The Cube Cities Timeline for examples.

Movies: Explain market trends and tell property stories with our video production process.

Data Services & Licensing: Customized versions of our visualization products are available. To learn more, read about Altus InSite's Cube View. Cube Cities also licenses our building visualization technology for use in other commercial applications.


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